How to use Live Export

That’s how you can import your poll data to Google Sheets:

You will find Live Export in the menu entry ‘Export’ of the session you want to import to Google Sheets – click to ‘Google Sheet template’. Make sure that you have a subscription for feedbackr events.


Now Google Sheets will open and you have to login to your Google account. If you have finished this, go to ‘File’ in the menu bar and click to ‘Add to My Drive’.



In the menu bar a feedbackr button appears – click this button and import a session you´d like to edit in Google Sheets or refresh if you have already imported your data.


If you import your first session you will be asked for permission to import data – you have to accept to go ahead.


Now you will be asked which session you would like to import. For this, you have to copy the “Export token” to the the designated field and confirm. You can find the “Export token” in the menu entry “Export” of our session you want to import.



Than Google Sheets imports the data of your session. They will be split in two index sheets “freetext questions” and “choice questions”.


Now you can continue editing your data – formatting is like you´re used it in a Google sheet. Make sure that you don’t change the imported sheets, because all you changes will be overwritten after a refresh of the data. Please note that the feature Live Export is only available in feedbackr events.

So go ahead to make your data be epic and have fun! 😉

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      no, not yet. You must reload the results manually. We will consider your request in our further development.
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