“New opportunities for analysing communication”

Daniel Cronin answers to many names – entrepreneur, start-up expert and presenter being just three of them. We talked to him about persistence, politics and how event hosting and feedback technology will work together in the future.

Event management at a turning point? Chances and Challenges 2016

Since “time” and “attention” have become the most valuable and hard-fought assets in today’s businesses, event management is facing new challenges. Are we also facing new chances? Let’s take a look at the freshest and most interesting angles this year.

You can solve someone’s problem? You should be an entrepreneur!

Room for truly royal innovation: The Erste Bank “KMU Ideennacht” took place nearby the Belvedere castle in Vienna. Meet original, revolutionary and curious start-up ideas in a setting that suggests anything’s possible.

Jochen Kerschenbauer on the rooftop terrace of TU Graz

“Self-evaluation takes courage”

Jochen Kerschenbauer, industrial engineer and entrepreneur to be, is one of the first employees at the University of Technology (TU) in Graz to use feedbackr for his lectures. We met him to find out why he does. A talk about tired brains, courage and the soccer community.