30th of April: Honesty Day

As much honesty is combined with values like authenticity, integrity and integrity, the implementation of honest feedback is difficult in practice – too great is the danger that the other person will be left hurt or annoyed, no matter how constructively the criticism was intended.

feedbackr, our audience response system was born out of the idea of being able to give feedback to others simply, quickly and anonymously – valuable feedback that can help everyone to improve their skills. With the function of the free text questions, you can not only receive honest feedback but also obtain moods or opinions, generate ideas and conduct votes. Over the entire course your audience can share questions and feedback about your presentation, lecture or event. This timely recording of comments gives you a valuable collection of feedback to help you customize and optimize your event.

The Answer Ranking feature allows your audience to cast additional votes for others’ responses. This allows you, for example, to implement a priority ranking. In addition, voting by feedbackr has no group dynamic effects, as you can determine when the results will be visible to all participants. This allows a wide range of honest and uninfluenced answers. feedbackr enables the objective presentation and further processing of subjective opinions.

Ideally, constructive criticism is as concrete as possible, analytical and solution-oriented – feedbackr accomplishes all of this: Use cases can be evaluated immediately and anonymously, details can be selected, and suggestions for improvement can be made to solve a problem.
Be it anonymous honest feedback or answers to tricky questions – feedbackr allows you to do that in any kind of event! Try it out for yourself!

Moderation of incoming contributions with feedbackr

The use of free text questions at events creates a variety of possibilities for interaction between audience and presenter. In addition to the positive aspects of free text questions such as collecting opinions or generating ideas occasionally not serious comments are submitted. In order to maintain the level of the event, such contributions may be deliberately moderated in feedbackr.

The moderation of free text questions is available in the following packages:

There are two different types of the moderation:

Show contributions after approval

All contributions are immediately visible in the administration interface. The audience will not see the contributions until they have been approved.

This variant ensures that only serious contributions are visible to the public. However, this also means that each individual contribution must be released.

Settings in feedbackr

Show answers: either “after stopping” or “immediately”
Moderation: “only show accepted”
Multiple answers: optional (allows more than one contribution per person)
Answer Ranking: optional (allows a prioritization of posts). Take a look at our blog post Interaction made even easier – free text questions and Q&A for your presentations!

Remove contributions after they’ve been posted

In this variant, all contributions are immediately visible to your audience. However, the administrator can intervene retrospectively and hide inappropriate contributions.

With this variant, you only have to keep an eye on the contributions. If an inappropriate comment is posted, it can be hidden with a single click.

Settings in feedbackr

Show answers: either “after stopping” or “immediately”
Moderation: “hide rejected”
Multiple answers: optional (allows more than one contribution per person)
Answer Ranking: optional (allows a prioritization of posts)

Moderation of incoming comments will make it even easier for you to respond to the audience’s reactions, to ensure a smooth process of your event.

We hope you enjoy using feedbackr!



Interaction made even easier – free text questions and Q&A for your presentations!

We started the new year full of enthusiasm and are pleased to present our long-awaited additional features of feedbackr, such as Questions & Answers! You will have even more fun using feedbackr, and your audience too. Use the new features in your next session with feedbackr!

Q&A including audience prioritization

You can hold Q&A sessions. For example, your audience is able to ask questions about the presentation. Everyone in the audience has the opportunity to vote for the questions of the other participants. This automatically prioritizes the questions that are most relevant to the audience.

Get feedback on presentations

Your audience can express opinions, questions and feedback on your lecture or presentation throughout the entire course of the event. This gives you a chronological record of the remarks on the presentation. A valuable collection to customize and optimize your event!

Topic collection

Brainstorming can also be carried out efficiently and quickly: The answers of the other participants will be visible immediately and avoid duplicate answers. Instead, the audience can rearrange the relevance of the topics by giving votes for an already existing answer.

How can free text questions be configured?

Show answers: Here you can set when the answers should be visible to the participants. You can choose from the following options:

  • never: the answers are only visible to you. This setting is useful if you want to collect feedback, but only visible for you or the organizer.
  • after stopping: this setting causes the answers to become visible to the participants when you stop the question. This way you can prevent mutual interference.
  • immediately: the answers are immediately visible to the entire audience. This is especially useful if you want to collect questions or topics.

Answer Ranking: With this setting your audience can vote for answers. In this way, you can create a ranking according to priority. This setting only has an effect if you have selected the option ‘Show answers immediately’. In addition, you can filter the answers in the administration interface according to the latest answers or according to the ranking. This filter is also available in the participant’s view.

Do you have any other suggestions or ideas how to use free text questions? We look forward to hearing from you!

feedbackr events checklist

Checklists Day – get your checklist for using feedbackr at events

If you have already organised an event, you know that there is a lot to consider: the search for a suitable location, a delicious catering and, above all, the certainty of reliable technical support are in the foreground. To make it even easier for you to use feedbackr for real-time feedback at your events, we provide a checklist that contains helpful hints before, during and after your events or lectures.

Feel free to download and share or checklists:

If you are still searching for innovative event service providers have a look at eventfex.


How to legitimate your account for the free use of feedbackr education basic

For teachers at educational institutions we provide feedbackr education basic free of charge. Below we have summarized the necessary steps for you:


Step 1: Create an user account under the following link: https://app.feedbackr.io/education/auth/register Important: Use your personal e-mail address provided by your educational institution (e.g. extension on @my-educational-institution.com). If your educational institution does not provide e-mail addresses for employees, please contact us.


Step 2: After your registration you will receive an email from us. Please click on the link in this email to verify your email address. This step is necessary to activate your user account for the free use.


Step 3: After you have confirmed your email address, you can use feedbackr education basic. You will see a message if your educational institution has not yet been activated. In this case, please contact us.Educational Insitution: message "not legitimated for the free use"

We will activate free use for your educational institution. Afterwards, all employees who register with the email address of the educational institution (e.g. ending at @my-educational-institution.com) can use feedbackr education basic free of charge.


Extended functionality: If you need the extended functionality of feedbackr education advanced, you can subscribe or unsubscribe flexibly, monthly or annually in the menu item “Subscriptions“. feedbackr education advanced also offers the possibility to ask free text questions, highlight correct answers, integrate formulas, images, source code, format questions, and much more.

We also offer campus licenses for educational institutions. This means that all employees have access to the full range of functions, and the design of feedbackr is adapted to the design of the educational institution.


If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Participant view: what it is and how to use it

The participant view in the feedbackr director (= administration backend) reflects in real-time what your feedbackr survey looks like on your audience’s smartphones. This provides you an easy way to monitor your survey at a glance. Once you start, stop or reset questions, you’ll immediately see it in the participant view. You’ll also see the preliminary voting results in real-time as they are presented to your audience.

What you can do with it

You can even vote in the participant view. But be aware that it affects the results of your survey. Make sure to reset all questions before presenting it to your audience!

If you have further questions feel free to contact us!

How to use Live Export

That’s how you can import your poll data to Google Sheets:

You will find Live Export in the menu entry ‘Export’ of the session you want to import to Google Sheets – click to ‘Google Sheet template’. Make sure that you have a subscription for feedbackr events.


Now Google Sheets will open and you have to login to your Google account. If you have finished this, go to ‘File’ in the menu bar and click to ‘Add to My Drive’.



In the menu bar a feedbackr button appears – click this button and import a session you´d like to edit in Google Sheets or refresh if you have already imported your data.


If you import your first session you will be asked for permission to import data – you have to accept to go ahead.


Now you will be asked which session you would like to import. For this, you have to copy the “Export token” to the the designated field and confirm. You can find the “Export token” in the menu entry “Export” of our session you want to import.



Than Google Sheets imports the data of your session. They will be split in two index sheets “freetext questions” and “choice questions”.


Now you can continue editing your data – formatting is like you´re used it in a Google sheet. Make sure that you don’t change the imported sheets, because all you changes will be overwritten after a refresh of the data. Please note that the feature Live Export is only available in feedbackr events.

So go ahead to make your data be epic and have fun! 😉

How to manually downgrade your session

Some of your sessions couldn’t be downgraded automatically because you are using features which are not included in your new plan. This article shows you how you can downgrade your sessions manually.

Make sure to export the data of your session before downgrading because on downgrade everything which is not included in your current subscription will be deleted.

How to downgrade your session manually

Method 1 – via session list

Go to your session list. You’ll see for every session, which couldn’t be downgraded automatically, a red triangle. If you move your mouse over the triangle a green pen appears on the right side of the triangle. When you click on the pen you can change the plan for your session manually. You get a warning showing you which features you are going to loose on downgrade.

How to manually downgrade a feedbackr session in session list

Method 2 – via session settings

Open your session and go to session settings. There you can change the plan of your session as well. As for method 1 you’ll get an information which features will be lost on downgrade. Make sure to backup your data via an export if you need it. Otherwise it will be lost irrecoverable.

How to manually downgrade a feedbackr session in session settings

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

New Feature: Mark answer as correct

You certainly have asked questions with only one correct answer but your audience didn´t find out. We added the functionality to show your audience which answer is the correct one. Everyone in the audience can see the correct answer(s) on their mobile devices, even after your event is over.

You are surely familiar with this situation: you ask a question with several possible answers and only one answer is correct. The opinion of the audience is not clear and discussions arise. That’s good because discussing leads to better (learning) results. But from now on you can also show the correct answers visually to your audience. They can use it later on for learning or when discussing with their colleagues after the event.

How to do it?

Select the answer which is correct by clicking on the circle or square on the left side of the answer, as shown in this screenshot:

For single-choice questions you can mark one answer as correct, for multiple-choice questions as many as you like. After starting the session your audience chooses the answer which might be the correct one. As soon as you stop it, they immediately see which answer is correct.

This new feature is suitable every time your audience should learn something new or when you want to show amazing facts which are mostly answered wrong. This creates an eye-opener and your audience is even more attentive.

The feature is included in the professional and premium packages. At the moment we have a special offer on those two products – so be quick!