Now available in feedbackr: formulas, pictures, code examples and much more

Especially teachers have repeatedly expressed the wish that formulas or similar can be visualized in feedbackr. We are very pleased to meet this requirement: From now on formulas, pictures,code, tables, links, emojis, … can be used in questions. The representation of symbols and other characters is now no longer a problem.

With simple commands it is now possible for you to format text in feedbackr as desired and to present additional visual material to your audience.

This feature is available in feedbackr education advanced, in feedbackr business advanced and higher, in feedbackr event and in our campus license.

If you have any questions, please contact us at any time!

Moderation of incoming contributions with feedbackr

The use of free text questions at events creates a variety of possibilities for interaction between audience and presenter. In addition to the positive aspects of free text questions such as collecting opinions or generating ideas occasionally not serious comments are submitted. In order to maintain the level of the event, such contributions may be deliberately moderated in feedbackr.

The moderation of free text questions is available in the following packages:

There are two different types of the moderation:

Show contributions after approval

All contributions are immediately visible in the administration interface. The audience will not see the contributions until they have been approved.

This variant ensures that only serious contributions are visible to the public. However, this also means that each individual contribution must be released.

Settings in feedbackr

Show answers: either “after stopping” or “immediately”
Moderation: “only show accepted”
Multiple answers: optional (allows more than one contribution per person)
Answer Ranking: optional (allows a prioritization of posts). Take a look at our blog post Interaction made even easier – free text questions and Q&A for your presentations!

Remove contributions after they’ve been posted

In this variant, all contributions are immediately visible to your audience. However, the administrator can intervene retrospectively and hide inappropriate contributions.

With this variant, you only have to keep an eye on the contributions. If an inappropriate comment is posted, it can be hidden with a single click.

Settings in feedbackr

Show answers: either “after stopping” or “immediately”
Moderation: “hide rejected”
Multiple answers: optional (allows more than one contribution per person)
Answer Ranking: optional (allows a prioritization of posts)

Moderation of incoming comments will make it even easier for you to respond to the audience’s reactions, to ensure a smooth process of your event.

We hope you enjoy using feedbackr!



feedbackr, what are you developing next?

Yesterday we invited you to ask the feedbackr team questions that have been on your mind for some time. The question with the highest ranking was:

What are you developing next?

An excellent question 😉 We involve our customers and their feedback very strongly in the development of feedbackr. Many exciting functions are on our agenda:

Campus and business solutions

We have recently started offering campus and business solutions. So feedbackr can be used by the entire staff of the educational institution/company. The design is adapted to the educational institution or company. A lot is possible and some things still can be done. This includes for example single sign-on. This will make access even easier for your staff.

feedbackr presenter

In a few days we will introduce our presenter. The presenter allows you to switch between the presentation and the feedbackr results from any device. You can use your smartphone or tablet to control when you want to switch between presentation and results.


Of course, we will continue to focus on our matchmaking research and development project. Our aim is to make matchmaking at events more flexible and efficient. There is still a lot of potential that we absolutely want to exploit.

Moderation of free text answers and questions (Q&A)

At some events it is necessary to moderate free text responses before they are presented to the other audience. For this purpose, a moderat

ion process will be introduced. For example, questions are only visible to the audience once they have been approved by the moderator.

Insert pictures in question

This function was often requested. Sometimes questions are asked about pictures. At the moment it is solved by the lecturers in a way that the pictures are either displayed in the presentation or integrated into feedbackr via HTML. These are very complicated solutions. We are convinced that we can make this even more user-friendly.

Insert formulas into questions

Especially in teaching formulas are important. Currently, formulas in questions are not yet graphically very appealing. That is why we want to address this issue.

Copy sessions

Many of our customers need the function to duplicate their sessions. Be it, for example, surveys that are sent to different user groups or lectures that are repeated every year.

Take sessions offline

At the end of an event, you may want to take sessions offline again. For example, if they are not supposed to be accessible to the public in the long term. Therefore, we are working on a feature to take sessions offline so that they can no longer be accessed via the access code.

Hide questions

In addition to starting and stopping a question, our customers want to have the possibility to hide questions..

So we have big plans! If you have any suggestions/requests for feedback, please send us a short message.

New Feature: Live Export – available in feedbackr events

Do you want to compare results of different questions against each other or determine a winner in a competition during your event? Now you can do this even better! We have added the new feature “Live Export” for you.

Now you are able to download the results from your poll directly in a Google Sheet to process them further on. For example you can create awesome statistic presentations to demonstrate the outcome of your polls to your audience. Or you can set up a document where you can compare the data to your last poll with the current, to watch changes.

The feedbackr team already used the new feature live export for a jury voting at the Fifteen Seconds Festival and the Gründungsgarage. The jury and the audience voted for their favorite presentation/pitch at the event. Directly after the event the winner could be determined within seconds, out of all the given votings. So Live Export is good functioning for rankings. There are many more possibilities to use Live Export! The feature is available in feedbackr events.

How to export your first session you can read here.

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