Product Changes 25.9.2019 – Version 3.2.0

Here are the latest updates

  • For all Graz University of Technology users feedbackr provides now Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Product Changes 14.9.2019 – Version 3.1.9

Here are the latest updates

  • Upgrade payment system to comply with the secure European strong customer authentication (SCA) regulations

Product Changes 20.6.2019 – Version 3.1.8

Here are the latest updates

  • Some backend system upgrades

Product Changes 26.10.2018 – Version 3.1.7

Here are the latest updates

  • Sessions can be duplicated including all related questions and settings. Recurring content can be reused easily and quickly.

Product Changes 09.07.2018 – Version 3.1.6

Here are the latest updates

  • The visibility of the results of multiple-choice questions can be configured even better: Results can be displayed immediately, after stopping or never.
  • The default settings have changed:
    • for free text questions the default setting for the visibility of the results is immediately instead of never
    • the default setting for the visibility of the results for multiple-choice questions is still after stopping
  • Some improvements and bugfixes

Product Changes 24.05.2018 – Version 3.1.5

Minor GDPR related updates to stay compliant with the new European Data Protection Regulations.

  • Link to new privacy terms
  • User can delete their user accounts directly in feedbackr after login on the “User Account” page

Product Changes 02.05.2018 – Version 3.1.4

We are happy to announce the newest changes in feedbackr:

  • now you can use Markdown to implement formulas, code listings, images, links etc. For more information have a look at our documentation
  • multiple- and single choice answers can be sorted by the number of votes (after stopping the question)
  • we introduced an award mode in the feedback event. This means that the results are displayed in such a way that tension is generated. At first the percentage and the bars are visualized. At the end the answers are shown.
  • In the free text question duplicate answers are eliminated. If the option “Answer Ranking” is active a duplicate answer counts as vote towards the count.
  • performance improvements

Product Changes 28.02.2018 – Version 3.1.3

We are happy to announce the newest changes in feedbackr:

  • we added optional moderation for free text questions with two modes: “hide rejected” or “only show accepted” audience answers. Moderation is available in the feedbackr business premium plan, for feedbackr event and for campus licenses.
  • improved browser caching for custom designs
  • changed behaviour when copying a free text question: the answers are not not copied anymore

Product Changes 09.02.2018 – Version 3.1.2

We are happy to announce the newest changes in feedbackr:

  • our feedbackr presenter was released. The presenter allows you to easily switch between your presentation and the feedbackr results from any device
  • user interface improvements

Product Changes 02.02.2018 – Version 3.1.1

Here are the latest updates:

  • small Bugfixes
  • user interface improvements