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dmexco: Lightning the age of transformation – and my thoughts on audience interaction.

On 13th and 14th September the dmexco took place in Cologne. I was there as well. In this blogpost I describe my impressions of dmexco and my thoughts about the audience interaction there and how using feedbackr instead might improve it.

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How to manage multiple rooms in feedbackr

You are an event manager and organising large conferences on a regular basis? Welcome our new feature we just launched especially for feedbackr events: multiple rooms.

Use feedbackr during your event in multiple rooms, each with different questions. Especially at conferences it is challenging to manage all rooms and sessions. With feedbackr events you can manage all rooms within a single session. For your audience it is even easier to vote with feedbackr events. They only need one join code and can select the room they want to interact in. This feature is available in feedbackr events.

If you are interested in trying out do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

How to use

Sign in to your feedbackr account and open an event session. Be aware the the licence of your session must be “events”. In the upper range you can manage your rooms. You can rename them, assign colours and remove them. With the green plus button you can add additional rooms.

feedbackr - multiple rooms bar

To create questions select the room you want to add a question to. Click the plus button in the lower right corner. You can use the bulk actions for every room to start, stop and reset all questions.


feedbackr - multiple rooms managed easily

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Novelties in feedbackr

During the hot summer days, we were working very hard to make feedbackr even more user friendly. We launched a preview mode, a useful bulk action widget in the feedbackr director. Now you can even handle more than one room at your event with  feedbackr events

To improve feedbackr for you, we are very happy to constantly receive improvement requests from our customers. Even in the summer months we are constantly working on feedbackr, and here they are: some brand new features for you.

Participant Preview, Bulk Actions, Multiple Rooms

Participant View

With the Participant View you can monitor everything in realtime at a glance in the feedbackr director (=administration backend). Now you can see directly in the feedbackr director (administration backend) how your survey looks like for your audience on their smartphones. Any action you take in a session in the feedbackr director will be reflected in real-time. You can even try out the voting in the participant view. But be aware that every vote will be counted (even if you are voting in the preview mode). Make sure to reset all questions before presenting it to your audience.

Bulk Action Widget for all questions

Now you have the option to start, stop and reset all your questions in a session with one click. The questions are displayed in the same order as in the feedbackr director (=administration backend). Use the new participant view to see how your session looks on your audience’s smartphone.

Manage multiple rooms with feedbackr events

Especially for feedbackr events we developed a feature for managing multiple rooms at your event. This is useful for conferences or events where several presentations are held simultaneously. Your audience needs only one code to join your event and can switch between the presentations/rooms easily.

How do you like the new features? Is there something missing for you in feedbackr? Please tell us!

New Feature: Mark answer as correct

You certainly have asked questions with only one correct answer but your audience didn´t find out. We added the functionality to show your audience which answer is the correct one. Everyone in the audience can see the correct answer(s) on their mobile devices, even after your event is over.

You are surely familiar with this situation: you ask a question with several possible answers and only one answer is correct. The opinion of the audience is not clear and discussions arise. That’s good because discussing leads to better (learning) results. But from now on you can also show the correct answers visually to your audience. They can use it later on for learning or when discussing with their colleagues after the event.

How to do it?

Select the answer which is correct by clicking on the circle or square on the left side of the answer, as shown in this screenshot:

For single-choice questions you can mark one answer as correct, for multiple-choice questions as many as you like. After starting the session your audience chooses the answer which might be the correct one. As soon as you stop it, they immediately see which answer is correct.

This new feature is suitable every time your audience should learn something new or when you want to show amazing facts which are mostly answered wrong. This creates an eye-opener and your audience is even more attentive.

The feature is included in the professional and premium packages. At the moment we have a special offer on those two products – so be quick!

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