4 event ideas for feedbackr (and some tips on when to use it)

The sort of event you are planning leads to several subsequent decisions. In this article, we have focused on one key question: Does it make sense for you to use feedbackr? Find 4 example events which profit from the application of feedbackr, as well as a short guideline to help you decide.

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Helpful Tips – Keyboard Shortcuts

feedbackr now provides some keyboard shortcuts for creating session to get your work done easier. Have a look at the list below. Editing the questions: Shortcuts Windows Mac switch to edit mode double-click double-click exit edit mode (all changes are discarded) esc esc navigate between inputs tab tab save current question shift+enter shift+enter save all (all […]

Internal Communication Trends 2017

What should corporations be prepared for in 2017? What is going to change, and why? We collected new trends and developments that are shaping internal communication this year.

A preview on the open questions feature of feedbackr

New features: Free Text Questions & Real-time Display of Results

The feature our users asked for the most, as well as another nifty revision, are coming on February 27th with the new feedbackr release! Find out what two of our most coveted new functionalities can do and how you apply them. 

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The new feedbackr: What to expect from the release 2017

Excited yet? We certainly are! On the night of February 27th, we are launching a brand-new feedbackr. Here’s an overview of the most important changes, features and additions that you can look forward to.

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What is e-moderation? A brief overview

Moderating in the digital sphere: a recurring topic with borderless learning gaining popularity and educational resources dwindling. But what exactly is e-moderation? And what pros and cons does it come with?

feedbackr interview with Bettina Kerschbaumer Schramek

Bettina Kerschbaumer: “Large group moderation without digital media? Unthinkable today!”

Bettina Kerschbaumer has been working for over ten years as a process moderator and event host in business situations. We talked to her about gains and difficulties with digital media and the impulse to unite people in divided times.

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Famous first questions: the “icebreaker”

It’s OK to laugh! When using feedbackr, the first question is supposed to introduce your audience to the tool – and, yes, to make them smile. Here are some ideas for a humorous intro.