feedbackr’s logbook

Product changes 28.7.2017 – Version 2.1.5

  • added a tour to feedbackr – meet Betty your new guide 🙂
  • improved tax information on invoices
  • UI improvements in director (= administration backend)
  • performance improvements

Product changes 17.7.2017 – Version 2.1.4

  • UI improvements in feedbackr director (= administration backend)
  • performance improvements

Product changes 5.7.2017 – Version 2.1.3

  • Live export added to feedbackr – you can export the results in real time to Google Sheets and analyse them. Live Export is available in feedbackr events.
  • UI improvements for freetext questions in director (=administration backend)
  • improved scrolling behaviour on Safari iOS

Product changes 10.6.2017 – Version 2.1.2

The latest changes:

  • we provided some more tooltips to make the user interface more clear
  • many layout improvements for Internet Explorer 11

Product changes 7.6.2017 – Version 2.1.1

The latest changes:

  • your participants get immediate feedback when their vote was saved

Participant gets feedback when answer was saved

  • the title of a question is visible when the question is collapsed – for a better navigation

  • better distinction between single and multiple choice questions

Distinction in director for single and multiple choice questions

  • we removed the slider for turning lights on and off
  • performance improvements

Product changes 29.5.2017 – Version 2.1.0

Here are the most recent changes:

  • we added automatic invoicing and payment via credit card to feedbackr. Make sure to buy a subscription to use feedbackr as usual
  • go to your designs even quicker from the session settings
  • user interface improvements, especially in navigation
  • performance improvements

Product changes 10.05.2017 – Version 2.0.7

Here are the most recent changes:

  • we added the possibility to mark answers as correct in director (=admin backend). Marked answers are highlighted in the participant in order to illustrate which answers would have been correct.
  • it is possible to write HTML code in questions and answers and they can also be styled with CSS
  • starting/stopping questions in the director on mobile devices is more easier and user-friendly
  • we added keyboard shortcut for saving themes: ctr + s on Windows or cmd + s to to save a theme when in edit mode
  • the layout is getting more beautiful with every release 🙂
  • better error messages
  • freetext questions are more clearly represented

Product changes 24.4.2017 – Version 2.0.6

Here are the latest changes for feedbackr:

  • we increased the number of supported browser versions:

  • We introduced some new keyboard shortcuts:
    • double-clicking on a question or answer opens up the edit mode
    • you can navigate with the arrow keys (up, down) between answers for editing them even faster (in edit mode)
    • by pressing the ‘enter’-key you can add another answer to a question (in edit mode)
    • save your question by pressing ‘cmd’+’s’ on Mac or ‘strg’+’s’ on Windows (in edit mode) 
    • they are also listed in our blogpost