Interactive, Real-Time Audience Engagement

Seamlessly gather honest, instant feedback – no app, just insights.

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Interactive Learning with feedbackr

Revitalize your classroom dynamics using feedbackr! Engage students through live polls and interactive questions, sparking their curiosity and maintaining attention. Embrace a teaching experience that's both exciting and rewarding for you and your learners.

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Elevate Your Event with feedbackr

Make every attendee a part of the experience with feedbackr, ideal for any event size. Engage with Q&As, mood meters, and interactive quizzes, offering endless possibilities to captivate and immerse your audience. Transform your event from average to unforgettable – all with feedbackr's interactive touch.

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Boost Engagement in Your Meetings with feedbackr

Revitalize your (online) meetings with feedbackr – the key to active participation and vibrant discussions. Eliminate awkward silences and disengagement; ensure every voice is heard and every opinion valued. Make your meetings not just a routine, but a dynamic exchange of ideas with feedbackr.

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Transform Seminars and Workshops with feedbackr

Take your seminars and workshops to the next level with feedbackr. Engage every participant with interactive elements like real-time polls and thought-provoking questions. Break the ice, foster collaborative learning, and gather instant feedback. With feedbackr, turn every seminar and workshop into a dynamic, interactive, and memorable learning experience.

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feedbackr's Worldwide Success

Embraced by forward-thinking organizations globally, feedbackr is the go-to tool for innovative companies, top universities, and leading event agencies. With over 10,000 speakers, moderators, and lecturers leveraging our platform, feedbackr has transformed audience engagement across continents.

Experience the power of millions of real-time opinions and interactions, and see why feedbackr is the preferred choice for engaging audiences worldwide.

How feedbackr works

1. Create Your Session

Transform your lectures, presentations, or meetings effortlessly. Create a session in feedbackr and add interactive questions with just a few clicks, setting the stage for an engaging experience!

2. Engage with Live Voting

Captivate your audience by presenting questions one at a time, sparking engagement with each vote. With feedbackr, you can move smoothly between questions at your own pace, keeping the interaction lively and relevant!

3. Instantly Access Results

feedbackr simplifies your data collection, allowing you to access and integrate real-time results seamlessly into your presentation, lecture, or meeting. Experience the ease of informed decision-making with instant insights!

Honest Insights with Anonymous Feedback
Unlock the power of genuine responses with feedbackr's anonymity feature. Whether seeking candid feedback or facilitating unbiased voting, feedbackr ensures your audience can express themselves freely and honestly. Embrace the strength of authentic audience engagement with feedbackr.
Instant Feedback & Real-Time Results
Experience the speed of instant feedback with feedbackr, regardless of your audience size or question type. Receive responses in mere seconds, enabling you to act on insights immediately. With feedbackr, every second counts in transforming audience interaction into actionable data.
Effortless Access: No App Required
Engage with feedbackr instantly – no downloads, no installations. Your audience can dive right in using just their web browser. It's simplicity and convenience at its best. Start engaging immediately with feedbackr's browser-based solution!
Independent Responses, Unbiased Insights
Minimize group dynamics and influence in your presentations or events with feedbackr. Take control of when to reveal results, ensuring that each response is independent and unbiased. With feedbackr, empower your audience to share their true thoughts, free from the sway of others.



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