30th of April: Honesty Day

Today is a special day, and feedbackr can help you foster this attitude every day.

As much honesty is combined with values like authenticity, integrity and integrity, the implementation of honest feedback is difficult in practice – too great is the danger that the other person will be left hurt or annoyed, no matter how constructively the criticism was intended.

feedbackr, our audience response system was born out of the idea of being able to give feedback to others simply, quickly and anonymously – valuable feedback that can help everyone to improve their skills. With the function of the free text questions, you can not only receive honest feedback but also obtain moods or opinions, generate ideas and conduct votes. Over the entire course your audience can share questions and feedback about your presentation, lecture or event. This timely recording of comments gives you a valuable collection of feedback to help you customize and optimize your event.

The Answer Ranking feature allows your audience to cast additional votes for others’ responses. This allows you, for example, to implement a priority ranking. In addition, voting by feedbackr has no group dynamic effects, as you can determine when the results will be visible to all participants. This allows a wide range of honest and uninfluenced answers. feedbackr enables the objective presentation and further processing of subjective opinions.

Ideally, constructive criticism is as concrete as possible, analytical and solution-oriented – feedbackr accomplishes all of this: Use cases can be evaluated immediately and anonymously, details can be selected, and suggestions for improvement can be made to solve a problem.
Be it anonymous honest feedback or answers to tricky questions – feedbackr allows you to do that in any kind of event! Try it out for yourself!