Anniversary – five fantastic years with feedbackr

feedbackr becomes 5 and we want to say ‘Thank you’! Therefore we have for our customers an anniversary discount – all feedbackr lecturing plans are reduced by 50%.

How it all began

It started at Graz University of Technology. Our professor and mentor Martin Ebner, Christian and I wanted to improve the situation during huge lectures. Imagine that there are more than 300 students in the lecture hall. The problems that arise are obvious. There are students who are too shy to speak up. Another problem is, that not everyone can participate actively in the lectures. Our vision was to give every student an anonymous voice and the chance to participate. Out of this vision Realfeedback was developed, the predecessor of feedbackr. The students love it and we too 🙂

And then?

After graduating from university Christian and I decided to push this idea further. We have developed a new prototype of Realfeedback and it began to spread. Realfeedback was used not only at the university, but also for events, panel discussions, keynotes and so on. We soon realized that there is a huge demand for this type of tool.

It is getting serious

We received a lot of feedback from you which we greatly appreciate. Otherwise we wouldn’t be where we are. A new name was born, Realfeedback becomes feedbackr, and a new logo was designed. Besides this we also developed a new version of feedbackr with the input we received from you! The usability has improved even more over the years and our customers love to use feedbackr!

An now?

feedbackr was completely rewritten and new features were added. You can use freetext questions now, create your own design, mark answers as correct, manage the visibility of results,… And much more is on our roadmap!
We celebrate 5 years of feedbackr, ups and downs (luckily more ups :-)), a great team and lots of fun!

Some insights into the different feedbackr versions

This discount is valid for 12 months when you buy a subscription until 30th of June 2017!