28. September: Ask a stupid question day

feedbackr addresses the common reluctance to ask questions in public by offering an anonymous platform for submitting queries, ensuring everyone can ask freely without fear of embarrassment.

The American Ask a stupid question day has been initiated by teachers who realised that students withheld their questions because they were afraid of making a fool of themselves. We all know this phenomenon: may it be a fascinating lecture, a big event or a job-related meeting – raising our voice and asking a question costs us quite an effort. The very thought of speaking to an audience, not to mention holding a mike to focus everyone’s attention, makes most of us shiver. Otherwise, it´s valid: Who doesn’t ask, can´t develop.

feedbackr offers a perfect solution to prevent these embarrassing and awkward situations: With open questions you can gather questions from your audience – easy and anonymously. So there are no more obstacles to ask frankly. We are also working on an Q&A feature which will be able to prioritise the incoming questions.

Asking questions is always important, be it professional or private! You might benefit from this day in asking and getting to know your surrounding people better.

PS: And one stupid question from our side to think about:
A thermos jug keeps drinks warm in winter and cold in summer, but how does it know which time of year it is?