Change Management – Knowing what your employees want leads to long-term success

feedbackr is essential for companies facing economic change, providing anonymous feedback tools for effective change management, employee engagement, and fostering a collaborative workplace culture.

Companies want to be able to survive in the face of permanent economic change and to be perceived as an attractive employer. However, to do this it is necessary to know how internal processes run, which topics employees are dealing with and which strategies should be implemented next.

feedbackr offers valuable support in gaining insight as well as in the different processes in change management.

Don´t be afraid of change

Experience has shown that employees are skeptical of changes made by their executives because they were not involved in the decision-making process or in potential courses of action. Often change management processes fail precisely at these resistances. It would be better and more efficient in the long term to work out and implement solutions and goals together.

Here feedbackr can be used as an evaluation tool: Using multiple-choice questions and free-text questions, problems and areas of tension are easily, quickly and anonymously made visible. This provides valuable feedback and information that identifies work processes and staff disagreements as well as their potential for change. By involving all stakeholders, their opinions and moods in the change management process, it can be ensured that everyone pulls together.

Phases in change processes

There are many different things that make employees dissatisfied in the long term: Often it is only small things like a badly placed desk or colleagues in an open-plan office who are too noisy on the phone, sometimes serious shortcomings such as insufficient appreciation of activities or basic misunderstandings about the results of the work process. It is essential for managers to know about the sensitivities of each individual, but often difficulties are not openly addressed for various reasons. With feedbackr, these problem areas can be identified anonymously and quickly and thus made visible. feedbackr clarifies what should be improved from the point of view of each individual and for what purpose. Employees feel taken seriously by this and are more open to change processes and more active in their implementation.

Solutions and goals should be developed together. feedbackr supports here with the function of the free text question for efficient brainstormings and evaluating ideas as well as improvement processes. With the individual answering of free text questions in addition to honest feedback also moods or opinions can be obtained, ideas generated and polls are carried out. With the Answer Ranking function, employees can additionally vote for answers of others and thus prioritize the individual topics. The possibilities of application of feedbackr allow a wide range of honest and uninfluenced answers.

Implement changes long term and successfully

Even after implementing the jointly found solutions, feedbackr acts as an evaluation tool: It can be constantly monitored whether the implementation takes place as planned or whether decisions still need to be made. The management of change is an iterative feedback process from feedback on the different phases of change.
In the long run, the self-identification of each individual with change processes is important, and the benefits of change should be clearly communicated to everyone. Joint visions of the future and overall goals can also be developed via feedbackr. After each achieved goal, feedbackr can be used to evaluate what could be successfully implemented and where the concepts diverge from reality.

To motivate employees, short-term successes should also be made visible. For this purpose successful partial steps can be collected via feedbackr and evaluated by the others. As a playful variant, projects and achievements could be ranked in a kind of competition and employees rewarded for their successful implementation.

feedbackr is and remains a proven tool for employee surveys and decision-making, such as when thinking about team-building activities, or for original ideas on anniversaries or awards for deserving employees.

Do you have any other ideas on how to use feedbackr in your company? We’re looking forward to your suggestions and ideas!