Feedback is important – so is Feedforward!

How to use feedbackr as a practical tool for anonymous feedback and collaborative brainstorming has been presented several times in our blog post series. But you might use it for feedforward as well!

Feedforward (based on Marshall Goldsmith) means that instead of past feedback, suggestions for future behaviors are sought from employees. Successful companies evaluate past processes, but do not despair of made mistakes, instead they optimize processes, formulate concrete goals for the future and thus increase efficiency. Feedforward demonstrates the potential that exists in each individual, enables options for action and alternatives to improve activities and contributes to a positive organizational climate.

Incidentally, Marshall Goldsmith characterizes feedforward as follows:
Feedforward is especially suited to successful people.

We’d love to support your success!

That’s how feedbackr specifically supports you in giving feedforward

Individual employees name a topic that they consider to be in need of improvement and formulate a clear question for themselves, for example: “How can I present our product (even) better at trade fairs?” In a second step this question is posed to a group, who then uses the free text function of feedbackr to give suggestions for improvement in a quick, easy and above all anonymous way. The contributions are collected and automatically ranked if mentioned multiple. In addition, the others can up-vote the given answers to clarify recommendations, which can then be implemented concretely. Consequently, the individual field of activity expands, which strengthens the entire team and thus the company. By the way, the same rules of considerate cooperation apply to feedforward as to giving and receiving constructive feedback: It should be designed as concrete, analytical and solution-oriented as possible.

Furthermore, it’s possible evaluate on occasion activities by asking the employees for suggestions for improvement. But feedbackr is also a valuable companion in company and / or product development. You can easily get feedback and -forward at any time. Especially in the change management process, it is important to actively involve your employees.

Incidentally, you already know the blog posts about our latest developments like inserting images into feedbackr or using free text questions as well as Q&A?