The new feedbackr: What to expect from the release 2017

Excited yet? We certainly are! On the night of February 27th, we are launching a brand-new feedbackr. Here’s an overview of the most important changes, features and additions that you can look forward to.

With the new release, feedbackr will be available in three different variations.

Ready to go? Join us on our journey and explore the new feedbackr!

We gathered over the past years that different users have different needs for their respective areas of application. Whether you are using feedbackr in lectures or for corporate trainings makes a difference in your demands. And what we wanted was to create an app that could meet all those demands – more individually than ever.

It was pleasant and challenging, yet it was also a lot of hard work. Therefore, as of February 27th, feedbackr won’t be free any longer. We know this is never good news, but we hope you consider it a good investment. In order to properly do our job, offer you the best available product and our constant support, we’re introducing flexible pricing plans for all packages. (If you are lecturing at a public institution → see below)

What does that mean for my existing account?

Don’t worry:it’s taken care of. We aim to minimize your hassle, so all your data is automatically transferred to your new account. You keep personal log-ins, settings as well as all your previous questions and surveys. Of course, our team is always here to give you the tour.

Need a tour? Have questions?
We’re here for you:

Flexible and customizable: the new feedbackr

Wait – three variations to choose from? Won’t that just make everything more complicated?

Our answer is: not at all! What changes is how specific our app meets your vision. The new feedbackr means more individuality and a greater variety of features that make sense for each area of application. We believe that this is not only the key to good, satisfactory and less complicated work. We also think that we’ll be able to support you and your team on a much more personal and profitable level.

So, what is it the three new plans of feedbackr can do? Find out below.

feedbackr for Lecturing: Because questioning is key

Lecturers at schools and universities make up a significant part of feedbackr users. For many years we’ve been receiving positive feedback on workshop experience and learning success aided by our app. This makes us really happy! In fact, so happy that we decided to launch a specific lecturing version of feedbackr.

What it can do

feedbackr for lecturing comes with more functionalities concerning answering formats.

  • The long-awaited open questions allow for users to type in their own answers instead of choosing from presets.
  • White labelingmatches the appearance of your poll to the corporate design of your institution.
  • And a question countdown to race your listeners can help stepping things up a notch in the auditorium.

This new and specific version of the app allows you to work faster, with more accurate results and on a fine-grit scale. And because education and on-the-job training deserve our full support, all teachers and lecturers at public institutions get the basic plan for free.

You’re a lecturer at a public institution? Here’s how it works

If you’re teaching at a public school, college or university, please get in touch with us as soon as possible, so we may legitimate your account. Legitimation means you get the Basic plan for free, as well as attractive discounts on all other lecturing plans (Premium and Professional).

Lecturing Pricing

feedbackr for Events: More customization than ever

Your event is something personal. A lot of work goes into preparation, conduction and postprocessing – and every challenge or success is tied closely to you and your team. Therefore, we kept looking for ways to make the new feedbackr more customizable, more flexible and more individual.

What it can do

The 2017 feedbackr for events offers even more in terms of appearance and functionality. Of course, nothing changes about our tailor-made service efforts.

  • Relax and benefit from our full on-site support throughout your event.
  • We’re happy to consult you individually, based on years of experience with what works best: full assistance from planning to implementation.
  • Use your own colors, fonts, and branding to maximize recognition value throughout your event with the new feedbackr. (And even customize the session code, if you’re feeling fancy!)
  • New attributes such as live transmission of incoming votes pick up speed and get you even closer to your audience.
  • The top asset you’ll find with the new release: stronger audience engagement. Open question format and free text answers give you more room and variety for interaction and open up the discourse.

Events Pricing

More good news? Features and pricing are 100% flexible with the new events product. You pay per event, you choose precisely the features you need and those are the only ones you’re billed for.

As always, you may benefit from our full-service customer support before, during and after your event. We’re happy to work out an individual pricing plan for your event. Contact us to find out more!

feedbackr for Corporations: Global coworking with ease

Because handling a number of employee accounts can be a hassle, the new corporations variation allows for one company-wide subscription at a fixed price. Whether for internal trainings or global polls: the new specialized feedbackr release has been cut out for large and medium-size enterprises of all businesses.

What it can do

feedbackr for corporations opens up a new area of application and combines well-tried functionalities with selected services.

  • feedbackr for corporations facilitates immediate screening of incoming votes and replies.
  • A fully customizable interface helps to design surveys and polls that blend with individual corporate appearances and presentations.

Corporations Pricing

Pricing is simple and transparent: Our all-around package comes with all necessary corporate features at staggered rates – depending on the number of active user accounts.

To find out more about your individual options and potential range of application, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re happy to draft a tailored plan for your corporation.

And what happens until the release?

Love the new ‘fbr’? We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Until we launch the new feedbackr, nothing changes about your current version and subscription. If you are already a feedbackr customer, you will get special offers and discounts on all the new editions once they’re available.

Stay tuned! In the meantime, follow us on Facebook or Twitter for regular updates, or find us on Instagram.

And if you’ve got questions, email us at any time at We’re looking forward to reading from you!