How to legitimate your account for the free use of feedbackr education basic

Teachers at educational institutions can freely access feedbackr education basic by registering with their institutional email, and for advanced features, they can opt for a flexible subscription to feedbackr education advanced or a campus license

For teachers at educational institutions we provide feedbackr education basic free of charge. Below we have summarized the necessary steps for you:

Step 1: Create an user account under the following link: Important: Use your personal e-mail address provided by your educational institution (e.g. extension on If your educational institution does not provide e-mail addresses for employees, please contact us.

Step 2: After your registration you will receive an email from us. Please click on the link in this email to verify your email address. This step is necessary to activate your user account for the free use.

Step 3: After you have confirmed your email address, you can use feedbackr education basic. You will see a message if your educational institution has not yet been activated. In this case, please contact us.

Educational Insitution: message "not legitimated for the free use"

We will activate free use for your educational institution. Afterwards, all employees who register with the email address of the educational institution (e.g. ending at can use feedbackr education basic free of charge.

Extended functionality: If you need the extended functionality of feedbackr education advanced, you can subscribe or unsubscribe flexibly, monthly or annually in the menu item “Subscriptions“. feedbackr education advanced also offers the possibility to ask free text questions, highlight correct answers, integrate formulas, images, source code, format questions, and much more.

We also offer campus licenses for educational institutions. This means that all employees have access to the full range of functions, and the design of feedbackr is adapted to the design of the educational institution.

If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us!