Ideas for using feedbackr at your office Christmas party

We know Christmas parties at the office often come with long speeches and last-minute presentations. Why not make something nifty this year? Surprise people, offer a short, but interactive program and even learn from their input for your next office event. Here are some ideas for light-hearted areas of application for feedbackr at your Christmas party.

If you like feedbackr but you just never had an opportunity to use it in a business context, now is the time! It can be a fun tool for light-weight voting during your office festivities. Of course, you may get creative in any way. But here’s some inspiration that might help.

Employees’ expectations

If you don’t want to use feedbackr live at your Christmas party, but rather in advance, you might find some questions to be useful. By enquiring about drinks and food or preferences in venue and music, you get a pretty good idea what to prepare in order to make your guests happy. The experiences your employees have made with office Christmas parties in the past and what they liked or disliked about them can be extremely helpful. You’re considering a gorgeous location that everyone just remembers for being too small? You think finger-food is the way to go, yet half the people went home hungry?

Furthermore, an advance questioning helps promote your party and engages your employees. Who knows, they might feel much more inclined to come after they’ve given their vote!

Year in résumé

How did the year go for everyone at your company? Ask them! And follow it up by asking about their expectations for the upcoming business year. Careful: As this topic has potential to be intense, it’s a question better asked in private – e.g. via e-mail link – and not live at your event. But since the feedback is anonymous, this is a good opportunity for you to receive helpful input.

Jukebox sensor

“How do you like the music?” Get instant reactions to your playlist. Options such as “too slow” or “too heavy” give you further ideas for how to adapt it and what kind of groove your guests are in.

Game action

The party is losing some of its drive? Board games could be the key – or drinking games, depending on how cosy things are at your office.

A Christmas game you could spice up using feedbackr is Secret Santa. Ideas for questions: “How did you like your gift?” or “Do you think you can guess your Secret Santa?” Makes the fun last a little longer.

Final exams

Before you leave – would you mind telling us how you enjoyed the party? By asking your guests upon exiting the event how they liked the location, the dress-code or the food and drink choices, you learn a lot for next time.