Interaction made even easier – free text questions and Q&A for your presentations!

Introducing feedbackr's new features like Q&A and free text questions, designed to enhance audience engagement in your presentations by enabling prioritized questions, real-time feedback, and efficient brainstorming.

We started the new year full of enthusiasm and are pleased to present our long-awaited additional features of feedbackr, such as Questions & Answers! You will have even more fun using feedbackr, and your audience too. Use the new features in your next session with feedbackr!

Q&A including audience prioritization

You can hold Q&A sessions. For example, your audience is able to ask questions about the presentation. Everyone in the audience has the opportunity to vote for the questions of the other participants. This automatically prioritizes the questions that are most relevant to the audience.

Get feedback on presentations

Your audience can express opinions, questions and feedback on your lecture or presentation throughout the entire course of the event. This gives you a chronological record of the remarks on the presentation. A valuable collection to customize and optimize your event!

Topic collection

Brainstorming can also be carried out efficiently and quickly: The answers of the other participants will be visible immediately and avoid duplicate answers. Instead, the audience can rearrange the relevance of the topics by giving votes for an already existing answer.

How can free text questions be configured?

Show answers: Here you can set when the answers should be visible to the participants. You can choose from the following options:

  • never: the answers are only visible to you. This setting is useful if you want to collect feedback, but only visible for you or the organizer.
  • after stopping: this setting causes the answers to become visible to the participants when you stop the question. This way you can prevent mutual interference.
  • immediately: the answers are immediately visible to the entire audience. This is especially useful if you want to collect questions or topics.

Answer Ranking: With this setting your audience can vote for answers. In this way, you can create a ranking according to priority. This setting only has an effect if you have selected the option ‘Show answers immediately’. In addition, you can filter the answers in the administration interface according to the latest answers or according to the ranking. This filter is also available in the participant’s view.

Do you have any other suggestions or ideas how to use free text questions? We look forward to hearing from you!