Wired New World at the annual M2M/IoT Forum in Vienna

What better opportunity for feedbackr to shine, than at a forum for smart technology and the “Internet of Things”? The Annual Summit for IoT & M2M Communication takes network to the next level, explores digital boundaries – and fantasizes beyond.

At the 4th M2M/IoT forum in Vienna’s splendid City Hall, speakers from the top floor of international companies came together to compare visions. Keywords up for discussion being smart mobility, digital services and the limits of imagination when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT).

While we may think up a bright and wired future in terms of technological progress and sheer possibility, smart city planning is facing a whole lot of other challenges. Be it climate change, progressing urbanisation or a greater demand for sustainable, responsible living – people inhabiting cities are not only growing more, but they are also growing more demanding. The place where daring innovation meets an understanding of social environments and behavioural patterns is where cities become truly smart and stand a chance at growing with us.

M2M IoT Forum Vienna feedbackr 02
The results are in! (Image: © Manfred Machacek)

Expanding possibility while maintaining our quality of life is one of the elementary axes envisioned and elaborated on at the forum. Juggling the ideas of science figureheads as well as the needs of people from all cultures and classes to find solutions for everyone – nothing less would be asked of businesses wanting to step up to the next level of communication and interaction.

What would you dare to dream? The IoT and feedbackr

In the smart technology scene, the Internet of Things is a buzzword humming inside heads of scientists and students alike. What it means is a connectivity of objects designed to make our lives more comfortable, convenient and fast-paced. “What would you dare to think of?” could be a question posed to everyone in the field. And it is just the idea behind the IoT Hackathon. The disruption workshop encouraged participants to come up with new products, services and business models in less than 20 hours – daring to turn experiences and expectations upside down in the process.

M2M question self-driving cars
Are we there yet? Opinions vary at the M2M forum at least … (Image: © feedbackr)

Co-determination and engagement: Two pillars on which a smart and communicative technology of the future must stand. At the 4th M2M/IoT forum, the host of the hour, Jeremy Cowan, used our feedbackr app to engage and illustrate visionary thinking. And feedbackr could set an example that it is just one of the tools a foresighted and inclusive technological society will want and have a purpose for.