Repetition of lecture with feedbackr

Unlock the secret to dynamic lessons: learn how ending with questions can engage students and shape future learning.

At the end of the lesson, students should be able to answer questions about the subject that has just been dealt with. Therefore, you can ask some questions at the end of the lesson. This has the effect that your students are once again actively involved in the topic. On the other hand, it is also an indicator for teachers of how well the material was understood and where to go in the next lesson.

You can use single or multiple-choice questions with the option “Show correct answers”.


  • You quickly get an overview of what the students understood and where there are still problems. You can react accordingly and lessons are constantly improved.
  • Students are once again actively involved with the presented material. This will consolidate what they have learned.
  • Students get a sense of what they understand and where they still have shortcomings.

Recommended settings in feedbackr

Multiple choice question

Show results immediately: To avoid interference, this setting should be disabled.

Multiple choice: depending on the type of question, if multiple answers can be selected, activate.

Mark answers as correct: If you ask knowledge questions, you can also mark answers as correct. To do this, in the edit mode of the question, click on the circle (for single choice questions) or the square (for multiple choice questions) in the answers that you want to mark as correct. The correct answers will also be shown to your students after stopping the question.