Smooth interaction with digital natives made easy with feedbackr

Communication changed with the digital native generation. Learn how to use feedackr communicate with a large number of people of different generations in an efficient and meaningful way.

The generation of digital natives (starting with the birth year 1980) grew up digitally from an early age and already makes a big part of the employees. Affected by the possibilities of new communication, they act differently in many areas than the age groups before: Well connected and in constant exchange, they expect fast communication channels, flat hierarchies and discussions at eye level.

Different terms such as Generation Busy, Generation Flex, iGeneration or Generation Emoji and the associated attributions want to capture the spirit of this group, which is not really possible due to the complexity and overlaps. But the most obvious is: digital natives are curious and knowledge should be easy to find and ideally online. They are quickly bored and always looking for the next experience. Digital natives are fundamentally more skeptical of authoritarian behavior and question many of the views about the value of work, success, and material possessions. Because of their education, they often have a tremendous sense of self, and as young adults, they expect to be respected and heard. Above all, they like to think and create together!

Closely linked to the concept of digital natives is the so-called experience economy. It is no longer about pure consumption, but about collecting enriching experiences and unforgettable moments. Experience values of events and encounters are becoming increasingly important.

feedbackr brings people and opinions together in real time, supports knowledge generation and targeted matchmaking – in short: feedbackr allows thinking together in larger groups. This blog post outlines how you can inspire digital natives in your respective field of activity.

Digital natives and education

How do you get the attention of a generation that checks their smartphone on average every seven minutes? Exactly! At least for a permitted time, the smartphone is integrated into the teaching.

Interaction in the sense of digital natives is easily possible with feedbackr: Digital natives want to be perceived individually and integrated into the design process, including courses – feedbackr gives everyone in larger groups a visible voice and makes it easy and fast to interact at different levels. That’s what makes teaching fun and works for digital natives! feedbackr enriches group discussions and eases the lesson as well as the repetition and consolidation of the material and paves the way for new approaches to brainstorming and the generation of ideas.

Incidentally, with our campus license, it is possible for all employees to use an extended functional catalog and to create questions for the students in the design of the educational institution.

Digital natives and events

Modern events should be interactive, memorable and create lasting contacts. For a long time now, the trend has been away from the frontal lecture to interactive communication, which makes the participants so-called prosumers, i.e. people who both receive and contribute. feedbackr supports communication within large groups with various functions such as free text questions, Q & A or moderation function. This not only enriches events, but actively controls and jointly shapes them. The knowledge of all becomes visible and divisible.

As people tend to go to events because they want to meet the people who provide them with the information and contacts they need right now, we are developing a special matchmaking feature.

At events, feedbackr creates a special kind of shared experience that connects people in a sustainable way, thanks to the variety of possible applications.

Digital natives and work

The generation of digital natives challenges employers: Well educated and mobile, there are countless possibilities open to them. Therefore, they only remain faithful to a company that understands how they tick and offers them enough variety and development potential. Digital natives want to be involved in co-determination and to express personal opinion – Here, feedbackr can provide quick and, above all, anonymous feedback. Their individuality should be valued and they want to work self-determined and especially flexible. They take advantage of all the benefits of digital media and wish to be supported here by entrepreneurs trainings. Again, feedbackr can be used efficiently, effectively and profitably in these cases.

Companies offer regular employee appraisals, in which they find out which improvement potentials there are. feedbackr is perfect for giving feedforward, as well as for change management processes.

To motivate employees, short-term successes should also be made visible – for this purpose successful sub-steps can be collected via feedbackr and evaluated by the others. As a playful variant, projects and achievements could be raised in a kind of competition and employees rewarded for their successful implementation.

feedbackr is the ideal tool to give anonymous and user-friendly feedback during or after presentations, lectures or meetings, or to ask questions in case of ambiguity. For every generation, including digital natives.

And, are you already prepared for the numerous needs of digital natives?