Partner / Group discussions with feedbackr

Elevate classroom discussions with a two-round voting and debate approach, enhancing student engagement and critical thinking skills.

In a partner or group discussion, students should actively and intensively deal with a topic and discuss it. To do this, ask a question at the beginning and let all students vote but without naming the correct solution. If many wrong answers have been given, ask your students to discuss the question and the different answer options or convince the neighbor of their solution. After the discussion, the same question is asked again and the correct answer is resolved.

Use single or multiple choice questions. For the second round of questions, you can use the “show correct answers” option.


  • Students intensively deal intensively with the topic and get further perspectives through the discussion.
  • Students are given the ability to present and represent arguments in a coherent manner.

Recommended settings in feedbackr


Show results immediately: deactivate to avoid mutual influence.

Multiple choice: depending on the type of question

Mark answers as correct: to do this, in the edit mode of the question, click on the circle (for single choice questions) or the square (for multiple choice questions) in the answers that you want to mark as correct. The correct answers will also be shown to your students after stopping the question.

The question can be prepared several times by duplicating.

With this variant you can make the lessons even more lively and varied.

Next week, we will introduce the uses of feedbackr for feedback on presentations, seminar papers or exercises.

feedbackr can be used in a wide variety of ways in teaching: