Opinion Polls & topic identification with feedbackr

Your students can contribute to the lessons with feedbackr. You can easily involve them with feedbackr in the decision-making process to foster engagement.

Your students can contribute to the lessons with feedbackr: For example, let them choose from a selection of topics to be covered. Students can also use feedbackr to choose which exercise to do as homework. Any decision-making in the classroom that has an impact on your students can be ideally mapped.

Use single or multiple choice questions if you want your students to choose from a set of topics. If you want to get ideas from your students, you can also use free text questions.


  • Students can actively participate in the configuration of the lesson.
  • Teachers get a sense of which topics are interesting for the students and can adjust the lessons accordingly.
  • Decision making within the group can be dealt with quickly.

Recommended settings in feedbackr

Multiple Choice question

Show results immediately: disable, if the results should remain “secret” until the resolution. Activate this setting if you feel that there is a “competition” among students with the aim that their favorite subject wins.

multiple choice: Depending on the type of question, a multiple choice may make sense.

Free text question

Show answers:

  • never: The students never see the topics that have been entered. Regarding transparency, this adjustment is rather not recommended.
  • once stopped: the students see all the suggested topics of the others as soon as the voting is stopped.
  • immediately: the suggested topics become directly visible to all students. This is especially useful in combination with the setting “Answer Ranking”.

Multiple answers: enable this setting if you want your students to submit more than one suggested topic.

Answer Ranking: only effective in combination with “Show answers: immediately”. Thereby Students control the prioritization of answers / topics.

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Thanks for using feedbackr in your lectures!