Smooth interaction with digital natives made easy with feedbackr

The generation of digital natives (starting with the birth year 1980) grew up digitally from an early age and already makes a big part of the employees. Affected by the possibilities of new communication, they act differently in many areas than the age groups before: Well connected and in constant exchange, they expect fast communication channels, flat hierarchies and discussions at eye level.

Different terms such as Generation Busy, Generation Flex, iGeneration or Generation Emoji and the associated attributions want to capture the spirit of this group, which is not really possible due to the complexity and overlaps. But the most obvious is: digital natives are curious and knowledge should be easy to find and ideally online. They are quickly bored and always looking for the next experience. Digital natives are fundamentally more skeptical of authoritarian behavior and question many of the views about the value of work, success, and material possessions. Because of their education, they often have a tremendous sense of self, and as young adults, they expect to be respected and heard. Above all, they like to think and create together!

Closely linked to the concept of digital natives is the so-called experience economy. It is no longer about pure consumption, but about collecting enriching experiences and unforgettable moments. Experience values of events and encounters are becoming increasingly important.

feedbackr brings people and opinions together in real time, supports knowledge generation and targeted matchmaking – in short: feedbackr allows thinking together in larger groups. This blog post outlines how you can inspire digital natives in your respective field of activity.

Digital natives and education

How do you get the attention of a generation that checks their smartphone on average every seven minutes? Exactly! At least for a permitted time, the smartphone is integrated into the teaching.

Interaction in the sense of digital natives is easily possible with feedbackr: Digital natives want to be perceived individually and integrated into the design process, including courses – feedbackr gives everyone in larger groups a visible voice and makes it easy and fast to interact at different levels. That’s what makes teaching fun and works for digital natives! feedbackr enriches group discussions and eases the lesson as well as the repetition and consolidation of the material and paves the way for new approaches to brainstorming and the generation of ideas.

Incidentally, with our campus license, it is possible for all employees to use an extended functional catalog and to create questions for the students in the design of the educational institution.

Digital natives and events

Modern events should be interactive, memorable and create lasting contacts. For a long time now, the trend has been away from the frontal lecture to interactive communication, which makes the participants so-called prosumers, i.e. people who both receive and contribute. feedbackr supports communication within large groups with various functions such as free text questions, Q & A or moderation function. This not only enriches events, but actively controls and jointly shapes them. The knowledge of all becomes visible and divisible.

As people tend to go to events because they want to meet the people who provide them with the information and contacts they need right now, we are developing a special matchmaking feature.

At events, feedbackr creates a special kind of shared experience that connects people in a sustainable way, thanks to the variety of possible applications.

Digital natives and work

The generation of digital natives challenges employers: Well educated and mobile, there are countless possibilities open to them. Therefore, they only remain faithful to a company that understands how they tick and offers them enough variety and development potential. Digital natives want to be involved in co-determination and to express personal opinion – Here, feedbackr can provide quick and, above all, anonymous feedback. Their individuality should be valued and they want to work self-determined and especially flexible. They take advantage of all the benefits of digital media and wish to be supported here by entrepreneurs trainings. Again, feedbackr can be used efficiently, effectively and profitably in these cases.

Companies offer regular employee appraisals, in which they find out which improvement potentials there are. feedbackr is perfect for giving feedforward, as well as for change management processes.

To motivate employees, short-term successes should also be made visible – for this purpose successful sub-steps can be collected via feedbackr and evaluated by the others. As a playful variant, projects and achievements could be raised in a kind of competition and employees rewarded for their successful implementation.

feedbackr is the ideal tool to give anonymous and user-friendly feedback during or after presentations, lectures or meetings, or to ask questions in case of ambiguity. For every generation, including digital natives.

And, are you already prepared for the numerous needs of digital natives?


Interaction made even easier – free text questions and Q&A for your presentations!

We started the new year full of enthusiasm and are pleased to present our long-awaited additional features of feedbackr, such as Questions & Answers! You will have even more fun using feedbackr, and your audience too. Use the new features in your next session with feedbackr!

Q&A including audience prioritization

You can hold Q&A sessions. For example, your audience is able to ask questions about the presentation. Everyone in the audience has the opportunity to vote for the questions of the other participants. This automatically prioritizes the questions that are most relevant to the audience.

Get feedback on presentations

Your audience can express opinions, questions and feedback on your lecture or presentation throughout the entire course of the event. This gives you a chronological record of the remarks on the presentation. A valuable collection to customize and optimize your event!

Topic collection

Brainstorming can also be carried out efficiently and quickly: The answers of the other participants will be visible immediately and avoid duplicate answers. Instead, the audience can rearrange the relevance of the topics by giving votes for an already existing answer.

How can free text questions be configured?

Show answers: Here you can set when the answers should be visible to the participants. You can choose from the following options:

  • never: the answers are only visible to you. This setting is useful if you want to collect feedback, but only visible for you or the organizer.
  • after stopping: this setting causes the answers to become visible to the participants when you stop the question. This way you can prevent mutual interference.
  • immediately: the answers are immediately visible to the entire audience. This is especially useful if you want to collect questions or topics.

Answer Ranking: With this setting your audience can vote for answers. In this way, you can create a ranking according to priority. This setting only has an effect if you have selected the option ‘Show answers immediately’. In addition, you can filter the answers in the administration interface according to the latest answers or according to the ranking. This filter is also available in the participant’s view.

Do you have any other suggestions or ideas how to use free text questions? We look forward to hearing from you!

feedbackr events checklist

Checklists Day – get your checklist for using feedbackr at events

If you have already organised an event, you know that there is a lot to consider: the search for a suitable location, a delicious catering and, above all, the certainty of reliable technical support are in the foreground. To make it even easier for you to use feedbackr for real-time feedback at your events, we provide a checklist that contains helpful hints before, during and after your events or lectures.

Feel free to download and share or checklists:

If you are still searching for innovative event service providers have a look at eventfex.


Woman asking question

28. September: Ask a stupid question day

The American Ask a stupid question day has been initiated by teachers who realised that students withheld their questions because they were afraid of making a fool of themselves. We all know this phenomenon: may it be a fascinating lecture, a big event or a job-related meeting – raising our voice and asking a question costs us quite an effort. The very thought of speaking to an audience, not to mention holding a mike to focus everyone’s attention, makes most of us shiver. Otherwise, it´s valid: Who doesn’t ask, can´t develop.

feedbackr offers a perfect solution to prevent these embarrassing and awkward situations: With open questions you can gather questions from your audience – easy and anonymously. So there are no more obstacles to ask frankly. We are also working on an Q&A feature which will be able to prioritise the incoming questions.

Asking questions is always important, be it professional or private! You might benefit from this day in asking and getting to know your surrounding people better.

PS: And one stupid question from our side to think about:
A thermos jug keeps drinks warm in winter and cold in summer, but how does it know which time of year it is?

Business coach

Novelties in feedbackr

During the hot summer days, we were working very hard to make feedbackr even more user friendly. We launched a preview mode, a useful bulk action widget in the feedbackr director. Now you can even handle more than one room at your event with  feedbackr events

To improve feedbackr for you, we are very happy to constantly receive improvement requests from our customers. Even in the summer months we are constantly working on feedbackr, and here they are: some brand new features for you.

Participant Preview, Bulk Actions, Multiple Rooms

Participant View

With the Participant View you can monitor everything in realtime at a glance in the feedbackr director (=administration backend). Now you can see directly in the feedbackr director (administration backend) how your survey looks like for your audience on their smartphones. Any action you take in a session in the feedbackr director will be reflected in real-time. You can even try out the voting in the participant view. But be aware that every vote will be counted (even if you are voting in the preview mode). Make sure to reset all questions before presenting it to your audience.

Bulk Action Widget for all questions

Now you have the option to start, stop and reset all your questions in a session with one click. The questions are displayed in the same order as in the feedbackr director (=administration backend). Use the new participant view to see how your session looks on your audience’s smartphone.

Manage multiple rooms with feedbackr events

Especially for feedbackr events we developed a feature for managing multiple rooms at your event. This is useful for conferences or events where several presentations are held simultaneously. Your audience needs only one code to join your event and can switch between the presentations/rooms easily.

How do you like the new features? Is there something missing for you in feedbackr? Please tell us!

feedbackr events in use at Austrian Innovation Forum

How to use single and multiple choice questions

Have you ever wondered how you can utilize single and multiple choice question? There are more possibilities than you might suspect. We have curated a few possible areas of application for you.


We are all familiar with single and multiple choice questions. Many of us think that there are only a few ways to use those question types for example in surveys, but in fact there are many more. feedbackr offers single and multiple choice questions and that’s the reason why we want to show you some use cases for lecturing, events and corporations.

Single and multiple choice questions for lecturing

You are a lector at school or university? You want to know if your students understood the subject matter from your last lesson? Why don’t you use feedbackr single choice questions to find out if your students remembered the subject matter from the previous class? This will motivate all students to cast a vote. Even the shy ones who often do not dare to ask questions. In the end you can show the results and you get feedback if your tuition was good or you have to repeat some subjects.

Another possibility is to check the knowledge of your students in advance by asking single or multiple choice questions. Adapt your lecture according to the results. For sure all this suggestions also can be used for workshops.

In schools this tool also can be used too. Especially students benefit from feedback of their peers. For example an unit or a presentation can be assessed anonymous by classmates, in order to improve their performance. So why don’t you let your students evaluate each other?

feedbackr also provides you with a feature to highlight the correct answers. Let’s say, you do some knowledge verification in the end of your lesson. You can highlight the correct answers for example for knowledge verification. So the students get feedback which chapter they still need to refresh or study.

Single and multiple choice questions for events

Single and multiple choice questions can also be very helpful for events. Why don’t try something new, let your audience decide on which topic you should talk about. List your topics you want to speak about and let your audience vote which they are interested in the most.

You can also use single choice questions to get feedback from your audience after your speech. Let the audience vote if they enjoyed and increased their knowledge on the certain topic. This is a good feedback for you as well, so you know if you have to improve and change the structure of your presentation or speech for your next event. Or get information about the composition of our audience – Who visits your event? Why are they visiting? In which department they are working? With this knowledge you can assume to your audience and steer the event.

For panel discussions single and multiple choice questions are very suitable. Different questions can be defined in advance and your audience can choose which questions they want to be discussed. With feedbackr you can also show the results in real time – so if your vote is still going on, your audience can see the current results and can influence them. This makes the whole vote even more exciting.

Single and multiple choice questions for corporations

If you are head or department leader of a company feedbackr can make your daily work way more easier. The use of multiple or single choice questions can be used in many fields of your company. For example in meetings – do you remember those meetings which seemed to never come to an end!? Have you ever thought to use feedbackr for decision making? Use single and multiple choice questions to optimize your meetings and give every participant at the meeting the chance to express their opinion anonymously. You will see that, your meetings will be way more productive and the decision making will be accelerated – so you have more time to discuss other important issues.

Single and multiple choice questions can be very useful in lunch breaks as well. Where should your department order for lunch!? At the italian, chinese or greek restaurant? You never know – so ask!

As you can see there are many ways to use single and multiple choice questions. This was a short overview of some possible use cases. Single and multiple Choice questions can also be used to ‘break the ice’ with your audience. Learn more about this topic here. If you know any other fields for the usage of single or multiple choice questions, we would love to read in the comments below.

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laptop and people at work

Helpful Tips – Keyboard Shortcuts

feedbackr now provides some keyboard shortcuts for creating session to get your work done easier. Have a look at the list below.

Editing the questions:

switch to edit modedouble-clickdouble-click
exit edit mode (all changes are discarded)escesc
navigate between inputstabtab
save current questionshift+entershift+enter
save all (all questions which are open will be saved)ctrl+s (english) / strg+s (german)cmd+s

Soon there will be more keyboard shortcuts – you will be informed when we implemented them.
Until then – happy feedbackring!!

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