How to manage multiple rooms in feedbackr

You are an event manager and organising large conferences on a regular basis? Welcome our new feature we just launched especially for feedbackr events: multiple rooms. Use feedbackr during your event in multiple rooms, each with different questions. Especially at conferences it is challenging to manage all rooms and sessions. With feedbackr events you can manage […]

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Novelties in feedbackr

During the hot summer days, we were working very hard to make feedbackr even more user friendly. We launched a preview mode, a useful bulk action widget in the feedbackr director. Now you can even handle more than one room at your event with  feedbackr events To improve feedbackr for you, we are very happy to […]

New Feature: Live Export – available in feedbackr events

Do you want to compare results of different questions against each other or determine a winner in a competition during your event? Now you can do this even better! We have added the new feature “Live Export” for you. Now you are able to download the results from your poll directly in a Google Sheet […]

How to use Live Export

That’s how you can import your poll data to Google Sheets: You will find Live Export in the menu entry ‘Export’ of the session you want to import to Google Sheets – click to ‘Google Sheet template’. Make sure that you have a subscription for feedbackr events.   Now Google Sheets will open and you […]

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How to use single and multiple choice questions

Have you ever wondered how you can utilize single and multiple choice question? There are more possibilities than you might suspect. We have curated a few possible areas of application for you.   We are all familiar with single and multiple choice questions. Many of us think that there are only a few ways to […]

Anniversary – five fantastic years with feedbackr

feedbackr becomes 5 and we want to say ‘Thank you’! Therefore we have for our customers an anniversary discount – all feedbackr lecturing plans are reduced by 50%. This discount is valid for 12 months when you buy a subscription until 30th of June 2017! How it all began It started at Graz University of […]

How to manually downgrade your session

Some of your sessions couldn’t be downgraded automatically because you are using features which are not included in your new plan. This article shows you how you can downgrade your sessions manually. Make sure to export the data of your session before downgrading because on downgrade everything which is not included in your current subscription will be […]

“Creative, responsible and self-reliant entrepreneurs can create a better world”

What formats and resources are crucial for future learning? And how do we answer to the growing need for world-changing innovation? Dr. Sandra Schön M.A. is a researcher and trainer at Salzburg Research in the fields of open education and learning innovation. We talked to her about the future of education and why she would […]