Smooth interaction with digital natives made easy with feedbackr

The generation of digital natives (starting with the birth year 1980) grew up digitally from an early age and already makes a big part of the employees. Affected by the possibilities of new communication, they act differently in many areas than the age groups before: Well connected and in constant exchange, they expect fast communication […]

Feedback is important – so is Feedforward!

How to use feedbackr as a practical tool for anonymous feedback and collaborative brainstorming has been presented several times in our blog post series. But you might use it for feedforward as well! Feedforward (based on Marshall Goldsmith) means that instead of past feedback, suggestions for future behaviors are sought from employees. Successful companies evaluate […]

Opinion Polls & topic identification with feedbackr

Your students can contribute to the lessons with feedbackr: For example, let them choose from a selection of topics to be covered. Students can also use feedbackr to choose which exercise to do as homework. Any decision-making in the classroom that has an impact on your students can be ideally mapped. Use single or multiple […]

Now available in feedbackr: formulas, pictures, code examples and much more

Especially teachers have repeatedly expressed the wish that formulas or similar can be visualized in feedbackr. We are very pleased to meet this requirement: From now on formulas, pictures,code, tables, links, emojis, … can be used in questions. The representation of symbols and other characters is now no longer a problem. With simple commands it […]

30th of April: Honesty Day

As much honesty is combined with values like authenticity, integrity and integrity, the implementation of honest feedback is difficult in practice – too great is the danger that the other person will be left hurt or annoyed, no matter how constructively the criticism was intended. feedbackr, our audience response system was born out of the […]

Repetition of lecture with feedbackr

At the end of the lesson, students should be able to answer questions about the subject that has just been dealt with. Therefore, you can ask some questions at the end of the lesson. This has the effect that your students are once again actively involved in the topic. On the other hand, it is […]

Feedback on presentations / seminar papers / exercises with feedbackr

In seminars or exercises, presentations or solving a problem in front of a class are common. In addition to the teacher’s assessment, the anonymous and therefore sincere feedback from the other students can be incorporated. For example, the students could vote on the following areas: understanding presentation rhetoric design etc Use single or multiple choice […]

Partner / Group discussions with feedbackr

In a partner or group discussion, students should actively and intensively deal with a topic and discuss it. To do this, ask a question at the beginning and let all students vote but without naming the correct solution. If many wrong answers have been given, ask your students to discuss the question and the different […]