Feedback on presentations / seminar papers / exercises with feedbackr

In seminars or exercises, presentations or solving a problem in front of a class are common. In addition to the teacher’s assessment, the anonymous and therefore sincere feedback from the other students can be incorporated. For example, the students could vote on the following areas: understanding presentation rhetoric design etc Use single or multiple choice […]

Partner / Group discussions with feedbackr

In a partner or group discussion, students should actively and intensively deal with a topic and discuss it. To do this, ask a question at the beginning and let all students vote but without naming the correct solution. If many wrong answers have been given, ask your students to discuss the question and the different […]

Moderation of incoming contributions with feedbackr

The use of free text questions at events creates a variety of possibilities for interaction between audience and presenter. In addition to the positive aspects of free text questions such as collecting opinions or generating ideas occasionally not serious comments are submitted. In order to maintain the level of the event, such contributions may be […]

Exam preparation using feedbackr

There is often a tense situation among students before examinations. Every teacher hears the question “what will come to the examination” several times. feedbackr can be ideally used to give your students a sense of what they need to prepare for, or to create awareness of where there are still deficits. To give your students […]

Self-assessment by students with feedbackr

Self-assessments give students the opportunity to consciously reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. Also for the teachers, the collected anonymous results of the self-assessment provide valuable additional information which can be integrated into the lesson/course. This gives the teacher a clearer picture of the students’ overall learning progress. Use multiple choice questions and make sure […]

Warm up & activation of your students with feedbackr

Entering a new teaching unit has a lot of potential to activate your students. Previous knowledge can be queried with certain questions and lectures be planned and structured together. The students are already familiar with the topic in advance and are attuned to the course. Here are a few examples of the questions that can […]

Direct and anonymous feedback in teaching

feedbackr education can be used in a variety of ways in teaching. We are presenting in a series didactic recommendations for your lessons and lectures, which have already proved their worth in media didactic. We explain the common application possibilities and the steps to be taken. One way of using feedbackr education is to receive […]

feedbackr, what are you developing next?

Yesterday we invited you to ask the feedbackr team questions that have been on your mind for some time. The question with the highest ranking was: What are you developing next? An excellent question 😉 We involve our customers and their feedback very strongly in the development of feedbackr. Many exciting functions are on our agenda: […]