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The new feedbackr: What to expect from the release 2017

Excited yet? We certainly are! On the night of February 27th, we are launching a brand-new feedbackr. Here’s an overview of the most important changes, features and additions that you can look forward to.

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What is e-moderation? A brief overview

Moderating in the digital sphere: a recurring topic with borderless learning gaining popularity and educational resources dwindling. But what exactly is e-moderation? And what pros and cons does it come with?


Ideas for using feedbackr at your office Christmas party

We know Christmas parties at the office often come with long speeches and last-minute presentations. Why not make something nifty this year? Surprise people, offer a short, but interactive program and even learn from their input for your next office event. Here are some ideas for light-hearted areas of application for feedbackr at your Christmas […]

feedbackr interview with Bettina Kerschbaumer Schramek

Bettina Kerschbaumer: “Large group moderation without digital media? Unthinkable today!”

Bettina Kerschbaumer has been working for over ten years as a process moderator and event host in business situations. We talked to her about gains and difficulties with digital media and the impulse to unite people in divided times.

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Famous first questions: the “icebreaker”

It’s OK to laugh! When using feedbackr, the first question is supposed to introduce your audience to the tool – and, yes, to make them smile. Here are some ideas for a humorous intro. 

Founders talking about feedbackr at TU Graz blog

We’re excited to let you know that feedbackr founders Karin and Christian are talking about their app at the Technical University Graz blog. Read all about how two master theses turned start-up, what the Austrian co-founders are proud of and what they are up to next. Note:  If you’d rather read the article in German, you may change […]

The benefits of using an Audience Response System and how to introduce it to your audience

Your audience is new to an Audience Response System (ARS )? Here’s how everyone warms up to your technological offering.

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Martin Ebner: “We’re facing an educational revolution”

Martin Ebner, lecturer for e-learning technologies at TU Graz, has been one of the first influencers of feedbackr. As an expert in his field, we asked him: what does the future of education and online learning hold?